Whether you’re looking to make some extra money or just be a part of building brands and products, you can participate in market research studies. 

Consumer businesses and market research firms are always looking for the opinions of potential (and loyal) customers. Without customers, there’s no business. This means that your input is highly valuable, and without it, they might not know how to proceed. 

With all this in mind, there are a ton of different ways for you to get involved. Most opportunities are paid (though often not much), and you can contribute to how a finished product looks when it hits the market.

Let’s take a look at the most common ways to get involved with market research. 


Surveys are the most common way for businesses and firms to reach a wide audience for research. By gathering a bunch of data from a large group, they can look at it in aggregate to spot any trends. 

If you want to join some market research surveys, you should check out online platforms that offer them. There are plenty to choose from, but Branded Surveys and MyPoints are among the most popular. 

In general, you shouldn’t expect to make much from surveys. Most will only pay a couple dollars at most. That said, they usually don’t take long to complete, and that money can add up if you complete enough of them. 

Focus Groups 

A focus group is a small cohort of consumers brought together for a specific research purpose. These sessions are run by a moderator, who will provide questions and prompts to get the conversation going. 

Usually, you need to meet certain demographic requirements to qualify for a focus group. If you’re asked to participate, it means that you’re part of the audience that the brand is trying to reach. 

Focus groups are generally more limited than surveys, but they also tend to pay a lot more. If you get the chance to be in one, you should definitely jump at the opportunity. 

Individual Interviews

Though usually less common than surveys or focus groups, you might even be asked to participate in an individual interview with a firm or business. This will most often happen if you check a lot of the boxes of a demographic that they are trying to reach. These factors could include gender, age, race, and more. 

In an individual interview, the focus is entirely on you. Just like surveys and focus groups, all you have to do is answer honestly, and you’ll be a tremendous help to the research effort. 

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