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Welcome to Opinion Research Panel! We are thrilled you are here and want to get started on your goals! On this site, you can learn more about the different ways to earn income from sharing your opinions. Here you’ll discover more about market research, what it is and how it is important to different businesses new and established. By clicking on the Market Research 101 tab, you can find out how market research is used and utilize the articles. We also give you a look at the best (non-survey) paid opinion sharing sites under the Opinion Sharing section. Maybe you want to know how to get paid on survey sites or would you like to know which survey sites pay out more for your time? If so, click the survey tab at the top of the page to connect with articles and resources for you to get started on your first paid survey today.

Why Take Surveys?

Surveys help us understand a lot about ourselves and even more about other people.They provide us with feedback for an experience, service, or product we use and also for the businesses selling them to us. There is an equal exchange of information when we take a survey because we are learning about not only ourselves, but how we respond to certain excursions, products, habits, preferences, and more. 

At the bottom of almost every receipt, you can find some type of a survey allowing you the opportunity to share what you thought of your shopping experience, restaurant server, or the customer service. Ever find yourself waiting on hold and hearing the automated voice ask you if you would be interested in taking a survey after the call? How about placing your Amazon order or grocery pick-up and immediately seeing a message to provide your feedback or leave a review? Surveys are second nature to our buying culture and it is because of the impact they have on businesses. 

While data shows that surveys help businesses by giving them valuable feedback, you might wonder how taking surveys can provide you with additional income. Lucky for you, there are many money making opportunities with surveys that allow you to earn income from the comfort of your own home! Popular survey apps like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie allow you to create a profile and pick and choose from dozens of surveys. They’ll show helpful details such as how long each survey will take (so you can plan around your most convenient times) and how much each one will pay out. 

These mobile app surveys are preferred by many who are on-the-go and like the flexibility of taking the survey wherever and whenever they want without being stuck to a desktop for hours on end. Others prefer the advantages that come from online surveys on company websites because some offer higher incentives and deals and might be more interactive. Mobile phones might not load the survey as quickly or accommodate certain desktop features so it really is up to you how you prefer to take the survey and what opportunities appeal to you.  

ORP knows the variations of surveys are infinite and will be with us for the foreseeable future as businesses continue to grow and people habitually buy goods and services, and we want to make sure you have the best access to current surveys. Even if consumers don’t buy anything, the demand for a survey continues to exist because surveys give companies crucial data regarding their target audience and whether they will be in the market for whatever is being advertised. That is why surveys are usually a safe bet when it comes to an additional income source. There’s a vast amount of surveys to choose from and more opportunities to make money from sharing your opinion this way. 

Market Research vs. Surveys

Market research and surveys go hand-in-hand providing companies with essential data. The difference is that not every market research opportunity necessarily includes a survey. Some market research might include an in-person taste test for a new food flavor. Others might ask you to try a product for a duration of time and then report the feedback. Another might set up a focus group study where you will be asked questions in a group setting about a particular product or perhaps to share your experience at a store, doctor’s office or restaurant. Different brands and companies look for a variety of factors when considering their product line and their services and your participation helps on a greater scale for the population at large and can make a direct positive impact in your own community. There’s definitely power in market research, and you have the ability to help channel that power in a great way and even make some cash for it. Sounds like a win-win! Take it from us, you’ve got this! So let’s get started by clicking on your first area of interest.


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